Historical Committee Member

Position Description

      The Historical Policy Committee is the main resource of the NAP Executive Board for historical information, interpretation, and opinion needed to help define party policy and to ensure the historical veracity of public documents and communications to be approved by the Executive Board.

Position Duties

        Committee members will conduct historical research in areas pertinent to the educational mission and policy issues being pursued by the NAP. Areas of possible research include but are not limited to issues related to economy and employment, taxes and social programs, health care, separation of church and state, religion in the U.S., atheism and skepticism in the U.S., history of science, history of gay rights and other social movements, Constitutional foundations and interpretation, and Enlightenment and other underpinnings of U.S. revolutionary, constitutional and intellectual history. Research will be used to help formulate policy. Some research will also be used as source material for the creation of educational documents to be published on the NAP website.

Position Requirements

            Committee members will be assigned areas of research based on needs, interest, and academic specialty. Committee members will conduct research in their assigned area, provide updates to the Historical Advisor, and help draft policy proposal for which historical information is relevant.

            • Ability to navigate and use Facebook effectively
            • A resident of the state he/she represents
            • A member of his/her NAP state chapter
            • 18 years of age or older
            • Willing to complete a non-disclosure agreement*

Position Requirements

              A B.A. or higher in the field of history or a related field is preferred, but not required. Knowledge of how to conduct academic research is strongly encouraged.

*Completion of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is required in order to protect the confidential information of our membership, as all in leadership positions might receive access to the membership roster. The NAP takes its members’ privacy very seriously.

If you have the qualifications and the desire to serve in these positions, please express your interest and contact NAP.EB@usanap.org for further information. All positions are on a voluntary basis and open to professionals within the field or graduate students within their area of expertise.


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