State Chapter Leader – Maryland

Position Description

State Chapter Leaders (SCLs) and state Executive Boards are tasked with engaging activists within their state in an effort to 1) support the national goals and advocacy campaigns of the National Atheist Party and 2) create and support state-specific goals and advocacy campaigns that are in concert with the principles of the National Atheist Party. While SCLs are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the state party to which they are assigned, they are expected to govern equally with other members of the state’s Executive Board. To that end, the SCL will initially staff open positions within the state, with the priority being on establishing an Executive Board. The Executive Board will then vote on subsequent board, committee and District Leader appointments.

Position Duties

State leadership serve both online and offline leadership functions. Recruitment and education are the two primary concerns of this young organization. As such, all State Leadership members must be consistent and thorough in these pursuits. Some specific duties expected of the SCL include:

  • Overseeing the state‚Äôs FB group and other online properties
  • Enforcing the NAP Code of Conduct*
  • Guiding members to remain politically focused rather than focusing on theological debate
  • Recruiting members through occasional postings in other online forums and participation in offline and online secular organizations, including SSA groups, CFI gatherings and other local meetups
  • Organizing meetings and other offline activities for state chapter members to meet and to organize
  • Serving as a knowledgeable representative and advocate of the NAP by addressing the concerns and questions of members and other parties who express interest in the NAP
  • Educating members about what the NAP charter and platform
  • Developing the state chapter’s infrastructure in accordance with the State Structure Guidelines
  • Engaging members in activist projects, including national party campaigns
  • Communicating state chapter concerns and desires to the State Chapter Director and/or Regional Membership Coordinator
  • Developing and participating in fundraising initiatives

State leadership will be supported and be expected to work closely with the Regional Membership Coordinators and State Chapter Directors in order to complete these duties effectively and efficiently.

Position Requirements

To be eligible for a State Chapter Leaders position, one must be:

  • A resident of the state he/she represents
  • A member of his/her NAP state chapter
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Willing to complete a non-disclosure agreement**

Position Proficiencies

All individuals interested in applying for an SCL position must be tech-savvy concerning social networking, team-oriented, capable of articulate and effective communication, and in possession of great organization and leadership skills. Managerial experience or experience in organizing volunteer activist efforts is a plus.

* The NAP does not wish to censor and encourages open discourse, but state leadership should enforce the Code of Conduct by treating all online forum, groups and meetings in professional manner. The NAP is not an anti-theist organization; we are inclusive and invite anyone who supports our core principles to join and to engage in consensus building. We are more interested in voicing what we stand for as a party than what we stand against. As such, state leadership should set the example for discussion in the groups by focusing on political advocacy, creating a sense of community and consensus building.

**Completion of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is required in order to protect the confidential information of our membership, as all SCLs receive access to their state’s membership roster. The NAP takes its members’ privacy very seriously.

If you have the qualifications and the desire to serve in this position, please contact for further information. Upon receipt of your letter of interest, we will contact you with more specific details about the responsibilities of the position.


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