Vice President of Administration – Board Position

The VP of Administration is responsible for overseeing the Human Resources function of the National Atheist Party, distributing and collecting Non Disclosure Agreements, volunteer employment applications, interviewing and recommending personnel. This position will expand into traditional areas of human resources management as the party evolves.

The VP of Admin will be directly involved with the Advisory Council in developing platform positions in concert with the membership and in creating campaign initiatives in their relevant fields of expertise. The VP of Admin will also oversee the Political Strategy Committee, which will make recommendations to the Board concerning areas of focus and activism, to further the political agenda. Administration and Outreach will communicate and cooperate on membership duties involving metrics and biographical data.

Specific areas of responsibility:

1. Oversee the Advisory Council and Political Strategy Committee.
2. Oversee the generation of white papers and informational releases.
3. Oversee the drafting of strategic documents such as demographic studies, reports on the activities of other parties and persons of interest.
4. Oversee any and all platform campaigns.
5. Ensure the timeliness and accuracy of all reports and documents and deliverables requested by the Executive Board.
6. Additional tasks as agreed upon.
7. In addition to the above recitals, the VP of Admin shall serve as an Executive Board member, with all duties and responsibilities pertaining thereto, to include a voting privilege in all Board motions and resolutions.
Advisory Council Structure:

The Advisory Council will be composed of any number of subject-matter experts in fields of interest and utility to the party. The Science Advisor shall serve as the Chairman of the Council and may appoint such other Co-chairs and / or officers of the Council as deemed appropriate by the Chairman. Currently, the Diversity Council is also absorbed into the Advisory Council until such time as it grows to the point that it can support its own committee.

If you have the qualifications and the desire to serve in these positions, please express your interest with a copy of your current resume attached, and we will contact you with more specific details about the responsibilities of the position. You may contact All positions are on a voluntary basis and open to professionals within the field, or current students within their area of expertise.


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