David Rosman


David Rosman

David Rosman is an award winning author of 15 books, a political essayist, a political communication consultant and a campaign manager.

A columnist for the Columbia Missourian, David speaks to the local, statewide and national issues such as Church/State separation and Religion in Politics.

Though he wanted to be a rabbi in his teens, David went to a Catholic university, spent time in a Buddhist monastery and taught Sunday school at a Pentecostal church. There was even an attempted baptism in the Ohio River, but it did not take. Today he is an activist in the atheist community, though not anti-religion.

As an educator, David has taught in the fields of Speech and Political Communication, Rhetoric, Persuasion and Argument, and Research Methods. Having worked as a communication or training specialist for local, state and national political campaigns, including gubernatorial and presidential campaigns, his tag line for his students is simple – “I practice what I teach.”

His political background spans over thirty-years and includes candidate and issue campaign management.

David is the author of “A Christian Nation?: An examination of Christian nation theories and proofs” and has been a featured guest on over a dozen radio talk shows, friendly and otherwise, since his book’s release in December, 2011.

David’s first major treatise, “Homosexuality and the Bible(s)” is due for release at the end of June, 2012.

His next book, “Wars on Sectarianism/Wars on Secularism,” has an expected release date of October 2013.


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