Advisory Council Declaration

Section One:

A)        The Advisory Council of the National Atheist Party is an informal, volunteer group of a minimum of seven professionals and intellectuals from all fields, who will advise the Executive Board on all issues, programs, staffing, budget and mission priorities. The Advisory Council will serve an advisory role only to the Executive Board of the National Atheist Party and does not have the authority to vote on executive matters pertaining to the National Atheist Party.

B)         Members are selected by the Executive board for a period of 4 years and may act as a pool of experienced leaders to serve as members of the Executive Board. Such members are not compensated and new reserve members will be added by a 2/3 majority vote of the Council. Council members will serve staggered four-year terms and may remove themselves from the Council at any time with thirty days notice, but are highly encouraged to finish their appointed term. Reserve members will fill open positions to maintain the minimum quorum of seven.

C)         The Advisory Council will meet with the Executive Board and will advise, upon request, issues regarding policies, procedures, matters at hand, course of action or other issues as decided by the Executive Board. Meetings will be held as needed online or in a location defined in advance.

D)        The Advisory Council shall consist of political, legal/strategic, financial, marketing, academic (scientific, historical) and analytical professionals in any of these related fields of expertise. Specialty fields shall qualify, but does not exclude any other field of expertise, as medical, environmental, law enforcement, tax/not for profit, IT, media, human resources, theology professionals and any other specialty professionals, as is deemed necessary.


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