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It is no secret that bureaucracy is expensive. We demand a comprehensive review of all government departments with an eye toward identifying wasteful practices and appropriate level of spending. The traditional policy of “spend-down” – in which each department tries to spend its entire budget each fiscal segment, in order to justify receiving more money in the next – shall be halted.

In many states across America worker rights, collective bargaining, and labor unions are under attack. Labor Unions were created to ensure better wages and benefits and were responsible for creating the middle class. Many people all across the US are fighting to abolish labor unions. This leads to lower wages, benefit cuts, and trampling of employee rights. To stabilize our economy, it is necessary to stand with working Americans and support labor unions and worker’s rights to collective bargaining, along with, majority card check recognition of unions and reasonably punitive consequences for employers in violation of Labor laws.

Jobs are created when innovation occurs. There is no argument or question that this is true. All of our modern technological conveniences, from LCD and LED display technology to studless tires and athletic shoes, have been developed as spin-off technologies from NASA. The lesson is clear: investment in advanced technology reaps huge economic rewards. This party advocates an unprecedented level of funding be earmarked for NASA and the biotechnology sector.

Photovoltaic energy conversion, or solar cells (another spin-off from NASA research), has enjoyed a renaissance over the last couple of decades. The energy output and sensitivity of the technology has increased dramatically. The NAP believes that the alternative energy industry, or “green energy”, is an untapped source of jobs. If a national mandate for alternative energy research and installation in existing homes and businesses would create jobs and revitalize the economy.



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