J) Environment

The environment is a major concern of the National Atheist Party. We only have one world and do not adhere to the idea that we will be resurrected into a better one, so we are committed to the idea of doing whatever is necessary to ensure that this one is managed properly by human industry. The NAP supports subsidies granted to “green” industry, in the form of both government investment and tax incentives, while penalizing those industries that would ignore the detrimental effect that they have on our shared environment.

As stated above, we also support the development of an alternative energy infrastructure, a robust endeavor that encompasses research and development, job creation and mandatory deployment of green alternatives. Concomitant with that strategy, restrictions should be placed on logging companies to treat the environment in a respectful, sustainable manner. “Clear-cutting” – the practice of completely denuding a section of our vital forest lands, without replanting or “fixing” the soil, will be considered a Federal crime.

In addition, the NAP would devote a substantial budget increase for those research firms and scientists that are developing real-world strategies for the reduction or elimination of the release of greenhouse gasses, in order to combat the reality of global climate change. The human element contributing to climate change is well documented by the scientific community, and the NAP joins responsible organizations worldwide in calling for an immediate halt to those activities that exacerbate this dire and emergent problem.

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