K) Energy

Nothing can be more difficult than changing an entire way of life. From automobiles to heating our homes, the U.S. is completely dependent upon fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have driven the global economy for close to two hundred years, but no consumer of fossil fuels has ever been as hungry for them as the U.S. There is a steep price to pay for this reliance, however, the burning and refining of fossil fuels, by the U.S. and other oil-producing nations, is a major contributor to climate change and the continued release of greenhouse gases. Additionally, inflation and other economic indicators are directly tied to the price of oil. The NAP supports the idea that our dependence on fossil fuels MUST end. Alternative energy solutions, like nuclear, solar and wind and water energy must be researched and brought to the fore to combat that dependence. Hydrogen and other as-yet-undiscovered solutions must be sought and implemented. The NAP supports tax incentives and federal grants as a measure to incentivize this research and development.

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