National Atheist Party Charter

“From Diversity and Reason, Unity”

Adopted March 2011


Acknowledging our reliance upon Reason and Rational Thought for our guidance and Ethical Standards, and in celebration of freethinking individuals of the United States, forthwith, we do hereby constitute this organization.

‎”The National Atheist Party is open to all faiths, if they share our goals. We are not, as a Party, attacking the evident basis of religion and recognize that would be impossible and counter-productive. This is not an organization that seeks to defeat religion. Our goal is to seek legislation that is free of religious bias in our government. We support the right of any individual to practice anything they want as long as that observance is performed at home, in their church, synagogue or mosque. We do not seek to limit the freedom of religious expression in any way, but where multiple traditions collide, including public schools, workplace, government facilities and the courts, religion should be prudently absent. From the perspective of the National Atheist Party, government and the agencies of government, should not promote or endorse any one religion or ideology over any other. To do so is to violate the spirit and the intent of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and to deny the intent of the framers of the U.S. Constitution.”

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