L) Tax Reform

Some solution must be found to level the playing field and halt the widening gap between the rich and poor in the U.S. Further, it has become increasingly obvious that savvy accounting and creative legal acrobatics have made it easy for massive corporations and the U.S.’s wealthiest citizens to avoid paying taxes entirely. The NAP calls for a sweeping review of tax laws and a simplification of implementation such that a fair tax shall be levied against all citizens and corporate persons without “loopholes.” In addition, as a bold statement of fair play, the NAP moves to rescind the tax-exempt status of all church activities that are unrelated to charitable activity. Church organizations should be as transparent to review and audit as any other business, and should pay income taxes, property taxes and use or excise taxes on its traditionally taxable activities. Churches shall be treated as any other for-profit business, when a profit is being made.

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