State Chapters & Committees


The National Atheist Party is currently establishing points of contact for each state. A representative or representative body is necessary in each state in which NAP seeks political party status in accordance with the Federal Election Commission rules.

Below you will find the current list of representatives and state groups which link to an accompanying Facebook page in which to network and organize. If you do not see your state on this list and would like to volunteer to be a National Atheist Party representative of your state or if you are interested in chairing or networking and organizing on one of the Diversity Committees, please contact


Alabama: OPENING  Alaska: OPENING  Arizona: OPENING  Arkansas: Mike Thom

California: Justin Light  Colorado: Stephanie Cohen  Connecticut: OPENING

Delaware: OPENING  District of Columbia: OPENING   Florida: OPENING

Georgia: OPENING  Hawaii: OPENING   Idaho: Alexis Athena

Illinois: Brandy Paul   Indiana: OPENING  Iowa: OPENING

Kansas: OPENING   Kentucky: OPENING   Louisiana: OPENING

Maine: Daniel Williams  Maryland:OPENING  Massachusetts: Mason Eaton IV

Michigan: OPENING   Minnesota: OPENING   Mississippi: OPENING

Missouri: Sheila Davis   Montana: OPENING  Nebraska: Calvin Althouse

New Hampshire: Dan Drew   New Jersey: Bill Hochstuhl   New Mexico: OPENING

New York: Janet Cummins Reinhardt   Nevada: James Allen   North Carolina : John Boyette (Acting)

North Dakota : OPENING   Ohio: OPENING   Oklahoma: OPENING

Oregon: Emily Wegener   Pennsylvania: OPENING   Rhode Island: OPENING

South Carolina: Steven Prouse  South Dakota: OPENING   Tennessee: Keith Wallace

Texas: David Hamilton   Utah: Stephen Wightman   Vermont: Ryan McCue (Acting)

Virginia: Laura Bucklin    Washington: John Boen   West Virginia : Greg Green

Wisconsin: OPENING    Wyoming: OPENING

Veterans Committee: James Wilson   Asian Committee: OPENING

GLBT Committee: Daniel Williams   Native American Committee: OPENING

African American Committee: OPENING   Labor Committee: Emily Wegener

Middle Eastern Committee: OPENING   Women’s Committee: OPENING

Latino Committee: OPENING


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