Rock Beyond Belief


Get ready to ROCK Beyond Belief NAP Members!

That’s right, the Reason Rally isn’t the only event coming in March that the NAP wishes to fly our flag at proudly! An amazing and historic secular event to be held at North Carolina’s Ft. Bragg entitled “Rock Beyond Belief” has welcomed NAP participation and we want to be there to represent March 31, 2012!

2 incredible functions in one month to help promote the NAP and get some much needed exposure!


To that end we are trying to raise some much needed funds to ensure we are properly represented at this event as well as the Reason Rally. This includes promotional materials and possible help in sending the NAP there to present ourselves to a prestigious list of secular speakers & guests including Richard Dawkins & Dan Barker.

Musical performances by Aiden, Baba Brinkman, Jeffrey Lewis, Spoonboy , WordsSuchAs Burn, and Roy Zimmerman.

It was by the incredible assistance of our members that we were able to raise the funds needed for the Reason Rally and we are asking for your help in raising funds for this event as well.

Please click on the wepay link and make your donation TODAY!

Rock Beyond Belief - Donate with WePay

Your support for this event is most appreciated and if you are able to attend you are more than invited!

And the best part, is it’s FREE ADMISSION!!!

For more on Rock Beyond Belief and its list of speakers please check out


Also, we do hope to see you all at the Reason Rally the weekend before this one, and are of course hoping you are all going to attend the National Atheist Party’s 1st Anniversary/Meet and Greet PARTY! Get your tickets NOW!!!

So far this has been and is going to continue to be an amazing year for the NAP and we are looking forward to getting to know all of you so much better!



Thank you,

Bernard “Flash” Kellish
Treasurer & Fund-raising Chair

Lee Moore
PR & Marketing Chair


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