Rock Beyond Belief


On March 31st 2012 at Fort Bragg, The National Atheist Party will be with patriot and proud “Foxhole Atheist” Justin Griffith as he hosts what is sure to be the most fun and  influential secular gathering ever to be held on a military instillation: Rock Beyond Belief
Justin, as some of you may know, was a victim of our systems inability to understand those who can and do separate church from state. While serving under an active duty enlistment, Mr. Griffith was ordered to attend a Christian festival hosted by Billy Graham, and subsequently detained for his refusal.

  A true military fighting man, he beat them at their own game.

Come join Justin and the N★A★P to a day of music and speakers:Richard Dawkins, Dan Barker, Mikey Weinstein, Todd Steifel, Hemant Mehta, and music from Aiden and Baba Brinkman and others.

Christopher Thomas
Public Relations & Marketing
National Atheist Party


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