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10:23 pm
March 31, 2012


Longview, TX


posts 15

Hi, everyone. My name is Frank. I'll be truning fifty this year and I've known I was an atheist since I ran screaming from my own baptism at the age of seven. My parents were cool, though, they didn't make me go back.

Growing up and living in Texas my whole life, I learned about the closet and because of career concerns, and wanting-to-stay-alive concerns I stayed there until about five years ago.

We just got back from the Reason Rally. Freakin' awesome! I've been wanting to get involved for some time now but only found out about NAP at the Rally.

I'm a science geek, especially physics or cosmology. I was in the teaching profession for a while and witnessed first hand how religion has a stranglehold on education and as a result is holding back the entire species but most notably the good ol' USA. This is a historical pattern that started with the Greeks in the first century, the Arabs in the tenth century, all of Europe from the first until the enlightenment. Religion moves in, science screeches to a halt.

Paine, Jefferson, and Franklin believed they were witnessing the beginings of the end of religion. They believed that the blinding advances in science would render religion powerless if not irrevelant. Perhaps they were right. Maybe it's taken 250 years because it was so thuroughly entrenched in the human condition. If so, then this may be the death throws of religion. This concerns me because the fundamentalists won't go without a fight. Anyone been paying attention to the millions of new recruites for these apocalyptic armed survival cults? It could get nasty. Many of these groups have it as part of their mission statement to murder the unbelievers!

Does anyone think these people will listen to reason?

Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion. And yes, most of them are wrong.

11:32 pm
April 1, 2012



posts 3

I'm Joe, from Lockport, IL. 23 years old and a long time atheist, despite my christian upbringing. I'm thrilled to see that atheists are coming more and more into the public view so the country can see we're not all evil conspirators.


Anyways, glad to be here and hopefully help out.

7:18 am
May 3, 2012


Sacramento, CA


posts 2

My name is Robert Sacerich. I'm a new District Leader for the California chapter. I'm heavily involved in the secular community. I currently serve on the board of directors for Atheist Alliance International and volunteer my time with several other organizations. I just finished a one year term on the board of directors for the Greater Sacramento Humanist Association.


I'm very active in the public discourse on religion and politics and active in the science and skeptic communities.

Robert Sacerich / Sacramento, California NAP District Leader Blog: Email:

10:26 pm
August 17, 2012



posts 1

I guess I'll introduce myself.
I'm fifteen. Yes, I know that's young and I can't vote yet, but I have adopted this political party. I guess I am not an ex-Democrat. Oh, and a huge shocker here… I'm an atheist. I was raised pretty free from religion for the most part, but actually asked my parents if I could go to church when I was younger to try to fit in with all the other kids. I got bored. I decided to not go after my first time since I was a toddler. Then after, I tried to combine religion with science, but it didn't work out. It made no sense to me. Around sixth grade, also the time I came to the realization that I'm bisexual, I decided that I held a secular world view.
Now that my religious background has been covered, yes, I am bisexual. I have dated men, but I am currently dating a woman. She is seventeen, soon to be eighteen. Oh, and I live in Michigan while she is going to college six hours away from me in Kentucky. Yay. /sarcasm intended
I am currently working on studying abroad in Japan for a year via AFS. To help earn money for the not-so-little expenses, I'm working in a warehouse.
That's pretty much all I have to say right now. Please accept me~

4:54 am
September 4, 2012

Snowy Owl


posts 4

Hello, everyone!

I hadn't planned to tell you anything about myself (especially since I'm something of an interloper here), but since Jim asks so nicely, and others have written in some detail, I thought it'd be rude not to!

I've been an atheist ever since I could think for myself.  I was born and brought up in England but have been living in the north of Sweden for most of my life, now.  Sweden is a completely secular society, although we do have our fair share of religious nutters.   I was christened as a baby (no one asked me), but have not had my own children christened.  I figured they could make up their own minds about it, and they have both turned out to be atheists, too!  My daughter went to the church choir group with her little friend for a while when she was eight and asked me whether she should tell them in all honesty that she didn't believe in any god.  She decided in the end that it would be politic, as well as polite, to say nothing about it unless challenged.

Neither my children nor I have been confirmed.  My husband and I were married in a civil ceremony only.  I am happy to go to ceremonies in churches, though.  I love ecclesiastical buildings (especially those built in perpendicular gothic) and can fully appreciate all the culture surrounding religion.

I love to watch debates (only on YouTube, unfortunately, since no one ever comes here!) with people like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Dan Dennett (the "Four Horsemen"), Neil de Grasse Tyson, and all the great public speakers who are atheists, making mincemeat out of their fatuous religious opposition.

I am constantly flabbergasted at the fact that parents are prepared to indoctrinate their poor children with any amount of drivel, and worst of all, prevent them from learning to think.  I think that this should be classified as a crime against humanity!

OK, "enough already!" I hear you cry.

I came here hoping for a lively debate, but I'm afraid I haven't found it.  I thought we'd be making sparks fly and discussing all sorts of relevant matters to what we share as common beliefs, but mostly I find people wittering on about campaign buttons, and spam!  People post a topic and then it gets no replies.  I realise that in America, money is especially important in politics, but I'm a little disappointed that it's a major issue here.

I tried reading the "Religion" thread, but people were getting touchy, and I thought that the discussion was losing it – or at least, losing me.  I hope that this board picks up and generates a lot of interest so that we can all develop our ideas and feel the moral support that you evidently need on your side of the Pond.


2:32 am
September 9, 2012

Big Willy


posts 2

Post edited 2:43 am – September 9, 2012 by Big Willy

Hello everyone, My name is William and I am from New York City, I just found out about the NAP and am looking forward too helping in anyway possible. I am 22 and live in Brooklyn, New York and have been an athiest for a few years, I was raised by a Catholic father and a Prestbyterian Mother but niether were very serious about religioun, we went to church and sunday school but even back then I remember thinking that the stories were bullshit, I went through my teen years in Catholic school believing in a god but not really caring, but then after a few setbacks in my life, and a few marathons of Stargate and StarTrek, I put aside that nonsense. I found that openly embracing my athiesism got me interested in many other things and havent looked back since. Living in China for a year and then traveling in Asia only proved to me the need for Religion to be removed from all forms of government and social control.

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