I found out about the NAP and have no idea where to go; where should I start?

The very first action you should take is to register as a member of the National Atheist Party and let us know how you are willing to help.  You can quickly and conveniently do this with our handy online Membership Form. You should also join your state chapter, get to know your state chapter admin, visit the main site, and read the FAQ here.

The discussion group on Facebook is located here.  You can ask to join or talk to your state administrator about joining it. This is a great place to debate, stay informed, and meet new members. It would also be wise to like the Official National Atheist Party page on Facebook.  The website also hosts forums where you can engage on all kinds of issues or by state.

Your state chapter admin will keep you informed of the issues and events that are happening within your state; they should be able to answer any questions not listed on here.