Isn’t creating “The National Atheist Party” merely the mirror image of the theocratic politicians it opposes?

Theocratic politicians want to include their specific religion in the government arena – a place where it doesn’t belong. Our party seeks to apply a strict observation of the laws that are already in place, albeit poorly enforced. We agree with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and call foul upon those who would violate it. The difference between the law as it is and the theocratic version is vast. The difference between the law as it is and the National Atheist Party’s version is no difference at all, save that the law must be enforced and not allowed to be chipped away.

Theocracy would force one vision of religion upon the nation. The NAP isn’t concerned with what religion you adhere to. We support the free exercise of any religion, provided that it doesn’t violate those common spaces where people of multiple faiths or of no faith must congregate. These places are the halls of government, the public school room, the workplace and the courthouse. All people should be free to worship in their homes, their places of worship, or in public spaces not otherwise regulated. It does not sound like the “mirror image”, unless by “mirror image”, you mean tolerant and ethically correct.