A Time for Reason…


Greetings NAP Members!

WOW! Since March of this year, 7696 of you fine folks have joined the National Atheist Party!

We have drafted our charter through democratic process, achieved 527 non-profit status, held our first annual NAP convention, will be holding elections coming up in March, and have been accepted as sponsors for the upcoming Reason Rally  on March 24, 2012 in Washington D.C. We have come a long way in a short amount of time, and we need your help. As of today’s date 12/7/2011, and after covering our expenses as well as our donation to the Reason Rally, our bank account stands at $935.02.  Thanks to those that have already donated!

So here is my thought…can you imagine if every one of our Party members were to donate just ONE $?


Now what if everyone donated just $5?


This of course would be truly incredible if we could make this happen; if we could get everyone who has not yet donated to just donate FIVE dollars, we could more than afford our upcoming expenses for the Reason Rally.  We would be able to purchase some much needed advertising for the NAP by way of newspaper ads, billboards, TV spots, etc., which we hope to do as soon as it becomes financially possible! So we are asking every single member who can, to donate at least $5.  To show our appreciation, we will, in turn, send you a token of our appreciation with a “Thank You” message from me, and a GIFT from the NAP that you can display proudly!

There are a number ways you can donate to your Party! You can click on the DONATE button provided right on our website, or you can go to FundRazr.

You can also help by making a purchase in our online store! The items will make GREAT X-mas gifts for that special someone!

You can also support NAP by putting a donation button on your website or blog.  Choose from a wide array of buttons, right here!

So, please make a donation and/or a purchase TODAY and help support YOUR National Atheist Party! Let’s see how much we can raise by the end of the year!

Thank you all very much!

Bernard “Flash” Kellish
Treasurer/Executive Board member & Fundraising Chair for the NAP



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