Brian Schweitzer – What Will You Do for Atheist Voters?

Brian Schweitzer

To learn about the question campaign, watch this video, and join the “What will you do for the atheist voters?” campaign page.

Schweitzer  (D), of Montana, is a farmer and rancher who held no elected office prior to being elected as the first Democratic Governor to serve Montana in 20 years. In 2009, Schweitzer had one of the highest approval ratings among governors in the nation, with polls often showing a rating of above 60 percent. Schweitzer has chaired the Western Governors Association and the Democratic Governors Association. Governor Schweitzer has a Bachelor of Science degree in International Agronomy from Colorado State University, and has earned a Master of Science degree in soil science from Montana State University.

Schweitzer claims  to have “created more jobs [for Montanans] at higher wages than anytime in history [...], invested more in both K-12 and higher education than any previous administration – while also capping tuition at our state’s colleges and universities [and] increased the number of children on the Children’s Health Insurance Program by more than 3,000″.

When asked “What will you do for atheist voters?” Mr. Schweitzer, who elected to reply through a staffer, responded:


Thank you for letting the Governor know about the National Atheist Party. The Governor will continue, during this, his final year in office, to treat all Montanans of any or no faith fairly and equitably.

Sheena Wilson
Governor’s Office

Review Schweitzer’s record on VOTE SMART.

For more information on how to get involved in the Question Campaign please contact your local State Chapter Leader, or join the Montana state chapter of the National Atheist Party.

Troy Boyle
National Atheist Party


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