Call for Action on Gun Control Legislation

Words alone cannot express our sorrow over the deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Ct. The National Atheist Party and its members express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims of this horrific act.

However, lost in the media coverage of the December 14 tragedy of Newtown were other shootings around the country: three wounded at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Birmingham, Ala. on Saturday Dec. 15, 2012. Police say Marcos Gurrola, 42, shot about 50 rounds of ammunition in the parking lot of a Newport Beach, California shopping mall on December 15.

Deputy Sheriff Christopher Parsons was shot and killed in an apparent ambush in Washington County, Missouri on December 15.

Columbia, Mo. (pop. 120,000) – police reported three shooting incidents in twelve hours on December 15, the latest in a growing number of gun related incidents in smaller towns and cities throughout the United States.

It must be recognized that many of the guns used were purchased legally and include, as in the case in Newtown, military style assault rifles and large magazine semi-automatic handguns.

The NAP is calling for stricter federal and state gun control laws and the reinstatement of the assault rifle ban. Since the April, 1999 mass murder at Columbine High School in Littleton, Co., there have been 21 mass shootings in American schools alone, resulting in 110 deaths, not including suicides and the many wounded.

The NAP backs calls for stricter gun laws in the United States as stated by Colorado governor John Hickenlooper and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg representing both his city and Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

The NAP also condemns the efforts of the National Rifle Association’s efforts to bully Congress with threats of action against those who rally for tighter gun ownership regulation and their fear mongering with false information concerning the “threat” to the Second Amendment.

Many NAP members are firearms owners and the NAP is not opposed to gun ownership and supports our Second Amendment right to bear arms. The NAP also recognizes that with this right comes a great responsibility. Part of that responsibility falls on Congress to act.

The NAP is calling for immediate and reasonable congressional action starting with the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban and the banning of large capacity magazines for handguns, long guns and rifles.

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