Open Letter to Rep. Palumbo (R-RI)

Jessica AhlquistOpen letter to Rep. Palumbo (R-RI) concerning Jessica Ahlquist’s victory in having a Christian prayer removed from her high school auditorium by court order subsequent to which, Rep. Palumbo called the 16 year old teen, “an evil little thing”:

Mr. Palumbo,

At what point did you stop being a Rhode Island Representative, sworn to represent the interests of ALL Rhode Islanders, and decide to only represent the interests of Christians?

The United States is a secular nation, designed to be so by the founding fathers. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights explicitly establishes this country as a secular nation, but that’s not what you want, is it? You want a Christian nation. A nation with a state-mandated religion no different from the governments in the Middle East. You want a nation where the rights of non-Christians, to be free from religious indoctrination, are trampled on a daily basis.

Why else would you castigate a 16-year-old girl for doing what is right in removing a Christian prayer from her secular high school’s auditorium? Surely you realize that the halls of learning should be open to students of ALL ideological backgrounds. Or do you? Judging from your statement that Jessica Ahlquist is “evil” – you apparently think that only Christians have a right to be educated in the U.S. public school system, or that they should be second-class citizens who should “look away” when Christian proselytization is plastered all over the school grounds.

Your intolerant bigotry, like the bigotry evinced by those earlier politicians opposed to civil rights for African Americans, will follow you for the rest of your undoubtedly short political career. I can only hope that the flood of negative responses you are sure to receive will cause you to re-assess your discriminatory position, and realize that the U.S. is a diverse, secular nation, with opportunities for all, justice for all, and the freedom to worship or NOT WORSHIP for all.

After witnessing this behavior, I must ask: If you are re-elected, HOW do you propose to represent your atheist constituents?
We salute Jessica Ahlquist for doing what is right.

Troy Boyle
National Atheist Party.


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