Finding common ground: The American Secular Census

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The American Secular Census is the independent national registry of demographic and viewpoint data recorded by Secular Americans. We enthusiastically invite all members and friends of the National Atheist Party to register at https://www.SecularCensus.US/

Launched Nov. 7, 2011, the Secular Census is building a database of information about U.S. atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, and others skeptical of supernatural claims. Each registrant maintains an American Secular Census website account used to complete Census forms collecting personal and household information, a secular profile, a religious profile, political activism and voting patterns, philanthropy habits, parenting information, military service, public policy and social views, and opinions about secular advocacy. Users are encouraged to update their forms as frequently as needed so that at any given time the Census represents the most accurate possible snapshot of the Secular American population. We don’t mind telling you that in just three months’ time, snapshots of the American Secular Census are placing the secular community in a very favorable light for both charitable giving and political engagement.

Once a sizable registry is reached, it will be possible to provide empirically-based statistics about the secular community to researchers, legislators, candidates, and organizations. Even better, these metrics can be cross-referenced across the 435 districts of the U.S. Congress. Each active American Secular Census record is zip code-matched to its corresponding Congressional district, and signed-in users have access to a variety of 3rd-party resources about their legislators, including bill sponsorships and voting records, top contributors, and more.

Religious special interests aren’t shy about playing the numbers game during an election season. With the help of National Atheist Party members, we look forward to the day when the American Secular Census can confidently quantify YOUR importance to a candidate’s victory!

Stand up and be counted now!

Mary Ellen Sikes
Secular Census


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