It’s Valentine’s Day…and you forgot??? We can help!

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What’s that? It’s that special day of the year and you have forgotten?!!?


OH NO! What to do?


Not to worry! We here at the NAP have a great suggestion on what YOU can do to save the day & get you back into their good graces!


A little white ‘lie’…?


You don’t have to tell them you forgot! Why not get them a little something from our online stores and say “it hasn’t come yet”! Our t-shirts, bumperstickers, frisbees, buttons,  lapel pins, etc. at our USANAP store


…as well as our WIDE variety of merchandise available at our CafePress store including adult apparel, children’s wear, accessories, and gifts for all occasions is sure to say “I love you!” & will brighten anyone’s day!


Because of course our merchadise is great for any occasion and should be used proudly as you display the symbol for a brighter tomorrow for all of us!


Have a VERY HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and Thank You for shopping at our online stores!


Bernard “Flash” Kellish
Treasurer, Executive Board member, & Fund-raising Chair


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