NAP Celebrates Secular Women

Women’s History Month

“The National Atheist Party (NAP) recognizes that women throughout history, and particularly in politics, have been devalued and treated as lesser workers and leaders than their male counterparts. We find this abhorrent and unsupported by science and reason. We support the equality of women in every endeavor, and seek their active participation and leadership in this party, and the atheist community at large. The NAP currently enjoys the professionalism and talent of two Executive Board Members – Erin Fortes, our Deputy Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing; and Susi Bocks, Acting Treasurer and Deputy Vice President of Operations. Throughout our state chapters you will find women working in leadership positions, and helping to administer our website and online presence. It is essential that women understand that this party, this movement, and this rising nation would not exist without their equal and unfettered contributions.”

-Troy Boyle, President, National Atheist Party

March 3rd marks 100 years since suffragists marched on Washington, the first civil rights parade to use the nation’s capital as a backdrop. A century later, March is Women’s History Month, commemorating women’s economic, political, scientific and social achievements.

To this day, women around the world still fight for basic human rights denied them not only by their respective governments, but by major religions. We at the National Atheist Party have chosen to, this month, “Celebrate Secular Women” – some of the bravest and most outspoken people in history.


Madalyn Murray O'Hair


Keep an eye on our facebook page all month as we highlight a different secular woman every day in March.


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