NAP Official Reaction to the 9/11 Memorial Controversy

Photo of 911 Cross Memorial

The National Atheist Party has considered the controversy surrounding the “cross” as a part of the 9/11 memorial, especially in regards to the comments made by Dave Silverman, the President of American Atheists.

It is expected that people should want to solemnize the site of this tragedy with some sort of memorial. Ceremony and ritual are important to people of all faiths, even none at all.

We at the National Atheist Party believe that religious icons presented at such a memorial should represent the faiths of all of the victims of this heinous tragedy. While all of the victims assuredly were not Christians, it is certain that many of them were.

Recognizing this fact, the National Atheist Party has no quarrel with those that would like to see the “cross” as a part of such a memorial, with the caveat that other faiths, including none at all, should also be represented. Personally, I don’t think that the atom symbol, suggested by Mr. Silverman, would be appropriate for atheist Americans. I’d like to suggest another symbol: life. What would be most appropriate for the U.S.’s estimated 30 million atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and secularists would be a living garden, symbolizing renewal, and that life continues even in the midst of tragedy.

Thanks for your time,
Troy Boyle President, National Atheist Party


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