NAPodcast #3: Reason Rally, Election Results, WBC, and Question Campaign

podcast pic7

Lee Moore, and Brian Allen are joined by Jacob Kramer, VP of Outreach, on this most recent episode of the Official National Atheist Party Podcast. Getting revved up for the Reason Rally and Rock Beyond Belief they discuss the results of the recent internal elections, clarifying how they were handled by unbiased third-parties such as the “loveable” Mike Lee. Jacob also goes into greater detail to inform members on what results of the Board elections and referendums and how they effect current policies, such as the adoption of the Fairness Doctrine. Taking into account that all the mascot proposals failed to meet the voter requirement, the trio chats about how other parties’ animals were chosen, and how the Party is being represented already, in multiple ways. Jacob Kramer also gives an inside update on the What Will You Do for the Atheist Voters? question campaign, having confronted several of his local politicians to get video responses.  Also discuseed are the controversy over the NAP invite to the Westboro Baptist Church to the Reason Rally and the recent scholarships announced by the NAP.

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