National Atheist Party Board Elections and Referendums Results

The first ever National Atheist Party Board Elections and Referendums have come to a close. 

Click here to view the full Election Results.

All changes go into effect on April 11th, 2012.

Winners of the Board Elections include:

President:  Troy Boyle

Vice President of Outreach:  Jacob Kramer

Vice President of Administration: XXX XXXXXXX (per email request 5/9/12)

Treasurer:  Flash Kellish

Platform Referendum votes results:

1.  Proposal: Repeal “IN God We Trust” as the national motto and from use on currency and official documents.

  • Passed with 95.8% of the vote.

2.   Proposal: The official mascot of the National Atheist Party shall be: Honey Badger, Velociraptor, or Human.

  • None of these met the greater than 66% threshold.  Human: 64.5%, Honey Badger 22.2%, Velociraptor 13.3%.

3.   Reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine

  • Passed with 89.3% of the vote.

4.   Environmental Committee Proposal:  The NAP should immediately ban the licensure for construction of new electric power plants powered by fossil fuels — coal, oil, or natural gas. Power companies must turn to nuclear power or alternative energy sources.

  • Passed with 68.4%  of the vote.



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