National Atheist Party Holds First Ever Annual Meeting and Picnic

Photo of National Atheist Party First Annual Meeting and Picnic

The National Atheist Party held its first ever annual meeting and picnic (back-up link), yesterday, in the Busse Woods South portion of the Cook County Forest Preserves, located about five miles west of O’Hare Airport in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village. About a hundred happy, cheerful and very enthusiastic people, from the ages of 8 to 80, attended. I was given the honor of being the first speaker to ever address this rapidly growing political movement.

The meeting featured several speakers, including Dr. J. Anderson Thomson, a trustee of the Dawkins Foundation, officers of the National Atheist Party and myself. There was a delicious picnic, which included tasty barbecue sandwiches, salads, drinks and desserts.

Also there, taking donations, was Atheist Helping Hands, a wonderful group put together by Darryl Holloman and several of his colleagues. Atheist Helping Hands provides food and other urgently needed necessities to the homeless in the Chicago area. Arlene, who was there, yesterday, must be so proud of her son. I’ve known Arlene since before Darryl was born.

Although only six months old, the National Atheist Party has already expanded to all fifty states, according to the FAQ page on their website. They also have an extensive and well thought out progressive Party Platform.

It was stressed, at the meeting, that atheists have usually been welcomed into other political parties. We have then been asked to vote for their candidates, and have willingly done so.

However, whenever it came to standing up for the civil rights of atheists, such as supporting getting rid of the anti-atheist editorial in the Pledge of Allegiance or the anti-atheist religious graffiti on our money, the elected officials of those same political parties have always seemed to get a sudden case of poultry syndrome: They become chicken and refuse to stand up for our civil rights, even as they stand up for the civil rights of everybody else, and I do mean everybody else.

Atheists are tired of having the instruments of government used to snub us and used to cram religion down our throats. Atheists are tired of hearing elected officials of other political parties talk about how supportive they are of state/church separation, only to have them stab us in the back when it comes time to stand up for the civil rights of us atheists.

So, atheists formed their own political party. The National Atheist Party is very serious about fielding candidates and winning public office, so that the elected officials from the National Atheist Party can take action that supports real state/church separation.

The National Atheist Party says that they are not for atheists only. Rather, they are for anyone who takes state/church separation seriously, and actually means it.


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