New NAP Mobile Site Has Launched

Screenshot of NAP Mobile Site

Mp>We are delighted to announce the launch of our mobile website. Now our community and resources are available for you to use on the go, no matter where you are.

Like many mobile sites, ours is a pared down version of the full site for ease of navigation and speed of download onto your mobile device. We have kept the best features of our main website, including access to the most recent articles, forums and navigation.

Mobile devices supported

The mobile site is targeted at devices with smaller screens such as smart phones, and should work with most devices that have a browser installed.

Just about every device is supported, and if your device is able to display the full website, you can always switch by clicking “switch to desktop site” at the bottom of the site.

The mobile site is fully functional on the iPad and other tablet format devices – however we recommend using the main website at which works very well on tablets.

How to access the site

Visit fromany mobile device. If you are not sent to the mobile site aautomatically, simply click “switch to desktop site” at the bottom of the site.

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