October Policy Proposal Results

Policy Proposals

The approved proposal for the October Policy Proposal process for revision to the National Atheist Party Charter was submitted to the membership for a vote on October 19 through the 25th.  Debate, discussion, and presentation of evidence was encouraged in common forums such as the State Chapter Groups, the NAP Discussion Group and Meeting Hall, or the National Atheist Party’s main page prior to the poll.

Proposal:  The voting threshold to alter or amend the core values of the National Atheist Party, which include the Mission Statement, Vision, and the organization name will be reduced from the current 90% approval threshold of voting registered members to a 75% threshold.

Rationale:  We are at risk of disenfranchising our own membership, since the last name change proposal enjoyed a 64.7% vote, and a 90% threshold is an unrealistic threshold.

Results:  Passed with 81% of the vote.  12.4% voted no on the proposal and 6.6% abstained.

The National Atheist Party differs from other political organizations in that our individual membership, general and registered, possess the opportunity to shape the direction of the organization as well as the platform, policies and values that form the foundation of the National Atheist Party.  The primary mechanism, which serves these ends, is the National Atheist Party’s system for policy proposals.  This process offers the opportunity for Registered Members to influence policy and debate directly three times a year.

Thank you for your participation.

Jacob Kramer
Vice President of Outreach


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