Official NAP statement on the “Occupy Movement.”

Photo of Occupy Wall St.

The “Occupy” movement is a new, democratically convened activist group whose purpose is to protest a long list of grievances against large and monopolist corporations, and overall government, which they see as corrupt and athwart the needs and desires of the majority population. The Occupy organization is springing up in major cities all across the U.S., as evidenced by peaceful protests in their chosen locations. Rolling demonstrations, sit-ins and protests are continuing. According to what little media attention has been paid to them, the police response to these demonstrations has been less than admirable. In fact, the police in New York City have been oppressive and violent to a degree not seen since the civil rights movement of the 1950s and early 60s

The National Atheist Party believes in the Constitutional right of American citizens to peaceably assemble and exercise their First Amendment power of the Freedom of Speech. As such, we support the Occupy movement in their endeavor to draw attention to the widening wealth gap in the U.S., and to oppose the monopolistic practices of large corporations. Along with the Occupy movement, the NAP condemns the double standard that sees government offering huge multi-billion dollar bailouts to corporations and banks, while those same banks foreclose on American families’ homes

To donate funds to help the Occupy movement accomplish their mission, CLICK HERE.

If you wish to organize, or voice your support in your state’s NAP chapter, CLICK HERE.

Troy Boyle, President
National Atheist Party


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