Official NAP Website is Now Live!

Screenshot of the NAP Website

We have now launched our brand new, fully dynamic, web 2.0 friendly website! What that means in non-geek, is it now has integrated facebook commenting, links at the bottom of every post to make it simple to submit the posts to share on facebook, stumbleupon, digg and other social bookmarking sites.
As of right now, the best way everyone can show their support is to go to every post that is up, and submit to as many of these services as we can. Also, use the facebook icon to share on your wall, and encourage other like minds to do the same. The more exposure we get, the more our message is heard. Consider it the online equivalent to handing out flyers.

So whatchya waiting for? Get out there and spread the word! This is a grass roots movement, so we need you to make this happen. After all, this is YOUR party!


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