Policy Proposal Submission Protocol

The National Atheist Party differs from other political organizations in that our individual membership, general and registered, possess the opportunity to shape the direction of the organization as well as the platform, policies and values that form the foundation of the National Atheist Party. The primary mechanism, which serves these ends, is the National Atheist Party’s system for policy proposals. This process offers the opportunity for Registered Members to influence policy and debate directly three times a year.

Below you will find the schedule for this process as well as the form to submit your proposal.

Please note:

  • You must be a Registered Member of the National Atheist Party in order to submit policy proposals.
  • In order for a proposal to pass to a formal vote of registered members, a threshold surpassing 66% approval by general membership must be achieved.
  • In order for final passage and Charter inclusion, a threshold surpassing 66% approval by registered members must be achieved with the exclusion of any vote affecting the core principles and identity of the National Atheist Party.  These must meet a threshold of 75% or greater approval by registered members for passage.

Policy Proposal Schedule




Jan 1

May 1

Sep 1

Policy proposal process begins Announce schedule.
Jan 22

May 22

Sep 22

Final day to submit policy proposals. Deadline for members & policy committees to submit policy proposals for Board review
Feb 5

Jun 5

Oct 5

Policy proposals, &/or rationale for Board rejection of proposals are released for general & membership consideration, discussion, & debate Board reviews whether proposals meet standards of clarity, relevance, & core principles.   If a concern can be remedied, a rewrite is extended to proposer.  If he/she approves, the proposal proceeds to announcement for general poll consideration.  Debate, begins upon announcement.  PCs may be brought in to review concerns with proposals that fall within their area of expertise, & during the month’s debate may take part & present their arguments, endorsements & research.
Feb 25

Jun 25

Oct 25

General Membership Poll released – Debate  continues Using SurveyMonkey poll, postable through a web article that can house & link other important information pertaining to the proposal(s).  During this week debate continues.
Feb 28

Jun 30

Oct 30

Close of Debate & general membership poll. Announcement of results. Once the poll is closed, results can be made public through article & general announcement, & because the original survey was housed on Survey Monkey, any that passed will be easy to include & edit into a the registered membership vote.
Mar 11

Jul 11

Nov 11

Official Membership Vote held  Proposals with exceeding 66% (75% on Core Principles and Identity issues) general approval will  be e-mailed to only registered membership, who’ve registered as of 12:01 Mar 1st/Jul 1st/Nov 1st.




Announcement Announce results in all relevant means & share results.
Mar 31

Jul 31

Nov 31

Inclusion Changes in policy or platform that should be amended in the Charter must be complete & updated by Mar 31st/Jul 31st/Nov 31st.

**Required Proposal Information – Email to nap.eb@usanap.org


First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Text of your policy proposal

Text of the NAP charter or platform to be replaced

Rationale: Why is this proposal necessary?

Evidence: Supportive links and/or citations


** Information must be complete in order to be considered.


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