President’s Address – March 1, 2012



The elections are quickly approaching. Ten days away. It has been an amazing year for atheists and I hope that the best is still to come. We will be working harder than ever to help grow this party and achieve our goals of reinforcing secular government, and national policies guided by reason and scientific evidence.In the near term, as most of you already know, we will be appearing at the National Mall in Washington DC at the REASON RALLY – the largest U.S. gathering of secularists ever attempted. We are also appearing at the Rock Beyond Belief concert an event at Fort Bragg, NC. Our 2012 “Question” campaign is going well, and we are receiving supportive, humorous, and belligerent replies from our elected representatives nation-wide.The “Free” campaign is ongoing, and I urge all of you to share your stories with Flash Kellish. What is it that freed you from superstition and religiosity? We want to know! Look for our donation campaign for funds to do all of these things, as well as your opportunity to help fund 2 college scholarships, sponsored by the National Atheist party. We will help to produce the next generation of freethinkers and secularists!

Further down the road, we will be creating our own billboard campaign, which will be very different in terms of scope and message than other recent billboards we’ve seen from other atheist advocacy groups.

There are still VERY many opportunities for growth and especially LEADERSHIP in this party. If you have an interest in helping to shape and steer this party into the future, NOW is the time to get involved.

Troy Boyle
National Atheist Party


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