Reason Rally Gear – Available through the NAP!



Yes, the Reason Rally has come and gone, but there is still merchandise to be had! We have a limited amount that we can offer you, so first come, first serve! The hosts of the Reason Rally gave us the opportunity to use these as a fundraiser. DVDs are $49.99, Hoodies are $34.99 and the T’s are $18.99, get yours while supplies last.


1 Reason Rally DVDs
2 Hoodies – 1 Large, 1 XL
12 T-shirts – 4 Medium, 1 Large, 1 XL

Please help support the NAP! Contact us at to claim the merchandise you want. We will let you know if it’s still available and if it is, give you a price that will include shipping. You’ll then need to go to or Paypal and make your payment. Once we’ve received that your merchandise will ship out!


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