The N.A.P; Not waging a war on Christmas, motherhood, and apple pie
On January 7th 2012, National Atheist Party President Troy Boyle was interviewed by by Rev. C. Welton Gaddy on State of Belief Radio, a production out of Washington D.C. from the Interfaith Alliance

The Interfaith Alliance is a laudable organization whose mission is stated as, “equally committed to protecting the integrity of both religion and democracy in America. We champion religious freedom by respecting individual rights, promoting policies that protect both religion and democracy and uniting diverse voices to challenge extremism and build common ground.”

Reverend Gaddy jokingly introduces Troy as “waging a war on Christmas, motherhood, and apple pie”, but the interview is a very positive one in which the Reverend and the National Atheist Party President find much common ground.

Frustrated with the omnipresence of conservative Christianity in today’s American politics? You’ll want to hear this conversation with the President of the National Atheist Party, Troy Boyle. It’s “an open, progressive, secular Party, open to any member from any walk of life, any creed, any background, any ideology, any religion, any race, any color, any sexual preference or orientation and without any sort of discriminatory practices whatsoever.”

Listen to the interview here!


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