The Loch Ness Monster is Not Educational


The National Atheist Party strongly recommends federal funding for Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) be revoked since it is in blatant violation of First Amendment guarantee of the separation of church and state.

Through its homeschooling program, ACE is teaching thousands of children receiving federally-funded school vouchers that the Loch Ness Monster actually exists, notwithstanding the fact that decades of searches using the most modern technology have affirmed, consistent with the findings of images taken previously, including the first photograph published in 1933, that the supposed plesiosaur inhabiting the lake was and is in fact, a hoax. This conclusion appears to have been finalized in 2003, when a BBC expedition conducted an exhaustive exploration using sonar beams, submersible investigations and satellite technology with enough resolution to pick up a small buoy. These scientists concluded that “Nessie” was essentially a myth.

Ironically, the perpetration of the Loch Ness mythology by ACE arises out of creationists’ failed attempts to deny and/or disparage the mountain of scientific evidence they find so offensive – that the fossil record reveals the previous existence and eventual extinction of dinosaurs some 65 million years ago. Fossilization is a process well understood by the scientific community, and millions of fossils are found all over the world, in spite of Creationists’ attempts to undermine public confidence in paleobiology. Now they have resorted to incorporating dinosaurs into biblical mythology, though they are nowhere mentioned in the Bible. The story of Noah’s ark was adapted for these purposes. In this tale God, in his wrath, caused the entire planet to be inundated by a flood thousands of years ago. This flood killed everyone and everything except for a man named Noah, his family and a pair of each of the species of animals that we see on the world today (1.2 million at last count). They all escaped this devastation by being afforded safe passage onboard an ark about 450 feet long by 75 feet wide.

By employing this story and disregarding scientific studies concluding “Nessie” to be a hoax, fundamentalist Christians can claim that the Loch Ness Monster, or monsters, have been in existence since biblical times. In this manner they can fraudulently assert dinosaur fossils to be no older than 6,000 years, in accordance with biblical claims about the age of the Earth.

This is all disproved by science. There is no geological evidence of a global flood. Additionally, radiometric (comparing the abundance of a naturally-occurring radioactive isotope and its decay products) dating methods, which are cross-checked by other radiometric or stratigraphic (buried in the geological strata) methods in addition to paleodata (excavated remnants of extinct species) verify the majority of fossils to be millions, rather than thousands, of years old. The age of the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old.

The tactics employed by ACE are representative of the continuing suppression and oppression of science by religionists that has been ongoing on since Medieval times. ACE’s use of the Loch Ness Monster hoax epitomizes the ongoing attempts by fundamentalist Christians to pander creationism and disprove evolution.

The underlying principle of evolution, however, hasn’t been debated among scientists for half a century. The Theory of Evolution is the foundation of modern biology – the products of which lengthen our lives and increase our quality of life. Scientists know more about how the Theory of Evolution works than they do about the Theory of Gravity.

If we are going to put religion into the school systems, why not start with the beginnings of western religions, which apparently has its roots in the Egyptian mythology of Horus the sun god (3400 BCE) as was deciphered by the Rosetta stone. This translation guide, found in the Nile by Napoleon’s troops, told the story of Horus who, along with at least 50 other recorded “saviors” of history, was said to be 1) born of virgin, 2) to save mankind, only to be 3) later crucified and 4) then resurrected.

ACE’s use of the Loch Ness Monster mythology to prove the Bible’s creation mythology exemplifies the fallacy of false attribution – the appeal to an unqualified or fabricated source in support of an argument. More perniciously, it is detrimental to our children’s education because it inhibits analytical and critical thinking skills which will hinder their performance in college-level science courses and in science careers. Indeed, a student that is unfamiliar with, or even opposed to evolutionary science cannot be competitive in any scientific discipline of which the facts of evolution play a pivotal role.

The often successful campaign by fundamentalist Christians to infuse biblical doctrine into our public school systems is likely a major reason why the U.S., the most religious industrialized country, has the lowest average test scores in math and science of all the other industrialized nations. This makes us less competitive in the global marketplace.

Fundamentalist Christians feel justified in subverting the U.S. Constitution and subjecting our children to their particular brand of religion due to their belief that the Bible holds the “absolute truth.” This same Bible also states, among many other scientific inaccuracies, the Earth is flat (Job 38:13, Isaiah 11:12, Revelation 7:1), is also stationary (Ecclesiastes 1:5, Psalm 104:5) and that the moon gives off (rather than reflects) light (Genesis 1:16, Isaiah 13:10). It also states that a child “who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death” (Exodus 21:17). Is this barbaric dogma next in line to be forced into the academic curricula of America’s children?

Andrea Quinn

Education Advisor

National Atheist Party


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