The National Atheist Party Invites You to Our Annual Convention!

It’s not easy for a new political movement to take shape. It’s even harder when the members of that movement are demonized because of their support for the Separation of Church and State and the right to a secular government.

We are the National Atheist Party (NAP). We are young, strong, and growing and we are meeting in San Francisco, CA on March 9, 2013. And you are invited!

It’s NAPCON2013!

The NAP is an IRS 527 non-profit political organization devoted to issue and candidate advocacy, guided by the values of secular humanism, on a foundation of evidenced-based reasoning.

NAPCON2013, the NAP’s second annual convention, will be held at the South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 South Airport Boulevard, South San Francisco, CA.

NAPCON2013’s honored speakers include our Keynote Speaker, journalist and radio personality Jamila Bey, the victorious defender of Separation of Church and State Jessica Ahlquist, Atheist video blogger and evolutionary activist Aron Ra, world-renowned author, philosopher and professional historian Dr. Richard Carrier, and others. Entertainment will come from musical artist Shelly Segal and comedian Steve Hill.

Founded in 2011, the National Atheist Party welcomes members from all walks of life. All colors, creeds, religious or ethnic backgrounds, sexes and sexual orientations make up our organization. It is convened as the counter-point to the religious-right’s repeated attempts to cross that line of separation by introducing religious education to public schools and by passing religious-based legislation, such as anti-marriage equality laws and laws limiting the reproductive choices of women. We oppose their efforts to defy the Constitution of the United States and to reject the founding vision of a secular nation.

The NAP has taken strong positions against school voucher programs which will permit state monies to be spent at parochial K-12 schools. We support marriage equality and are fighting against religious and sexual orientation discrimination in all forms. We firmly believe in a woman’s right to choose and the necessity of individual freedoms as demanded by both sides of the political spectrum.

Most of all, we believe in the Human Spirit; the “natural goodness” necessitated by nature in order to survive day to day. We believe in social and secular rights and laws for ethical conduct. We believe in the humanist’s wish to live in peace and harmony, and to follow the universal morality of treating others as we do ourselves.

We believe in our collective just and conscientious sense to continue the dream of our Founding Fathers; to allow people to believe as they wish, while keeping religion and mythology out of politics, law, education and other avenues as prescribed by the Constitution.

We want you to join us today, tomorrow and on March 9th in San Francisco.

To learn more about the party, visit

National Atheist Party
Public Relations and Marketing
Jason Dixon, Public Relations
P.O. Box 371
Florence, KY 41022


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