The National Atheist Party Partners with Foundation Beyond Belief


The National Atheist Party is proud to announce that we have partnered with Foundation Beyond Belief, an organization that contributes 100% of donations received to charities around the world whose work is compatible with humanist values. Charities are selected anew every quarter and are chosen with the help of Foundation Beyond Belief membership and its partnering organizations.

With this new relationship, the NAP will be granted the ability to nominate and engage in discussion regarding the selection of future charitable organizations.  There are five new charities selected every quarter, with each of the selected charities focusing on a specific need and allowing multiple avenues for donations. Areas addressed by chosen charities include human rights, poverty, education and more Registered NAP members who are also members of Foundation Beyond Belief when selecting NAP as their designated Partner, those donations accrue to the total given by NAP on our Partners page.

“By partnering with Foundation Beyond Belief, we hope to play an important role in making a positive impact on the lives of people around the world,” said Troy Boyle, President of the NAP. “We also hope to demonstrate that our members are humanists and that most atheists are interested in doing good deeds that help their fellow man. Our lack of belief in a deity does not translate into a lack of morality or compassion.”

In establishing this partnership, the NAP hopes to further facilitate a positive impact the world over.  Foundation Beyond Belief is reliant upon the individuals and organizations that compose its charitable network.  With a rich online community where members can interact and discuss avenues to affect change, we encourage members to sign-up, engage, and make a difference.   Our motivation is to ensure a better tomorrow by changing lives today and furthering the notion that the atheist community is very much concerned about the well being of others all over the world.


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