The New Golden Age of Freethought

During a recent speech, entitled A Strategic Plan for Secular Success, Author and Director of Strategy and Policy at the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, Sean Faircloth, suggests that the main impediment to Atheism and the Secular community is the “seductive simplicity of certainty” possessed by those who endorse religion.

In roughly thirty seven minutes Faircloth states that through joint networking, diversity, and innovation we can convey the human impact and pervasiveness of human harm, all of which that stem from religious bias in policy and law.

He describes a time of “maximum danger” that evidence based thinkers currently live under, not only here in America, but all over the world. The Director passionately describes an agenda that many believe would help thwart theocracy’s strangle hold on American and International politics.

With the implementation and coordinated effort of every secular and human rights organization, working across state lines, we will develop and consolidate a social platform that will help erase what he calls: “the thread of injustice” which is “real people (being) harmed (and that) religious bias in government causes this harm.”

With thousands of blogs and organizations and foundations all focused on treating the social maladies caused by religion, a consolidation and a reshaping of attitude is required. He suggests we are “entrepreneurs” and that attitude of approach is what will be needed to break the chains of dogma and repetition and the “seductive simplicity of certainty”.

The best way to reach out is to do it. To cross publicize, stop infighting, and start innovating. To use our collective intelligence and networking to make this in our lifetimes the New Golden Age of Freethought.

 We are Atheism and the “Out” campaign, or groups like the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, Freethought Blogs, and the Atheist Nexus, American Atheists, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation receive millions of hits per month. That is just to mention a minute handful. Not including events like The Reason Rally, and Rock Beyond Belief, or the thousands upon thousands of personal blogs and Youtube videos of lone unaffiliated atheists  just reaching out to the web for a sense of understanding and community.

“Humanist and Atheist activists have been known for ‘banging the drum’ of symbolism for decades, and we make a valid point, but we simply don’t have enough to show for it in the real world of American politics today.” He urges, “We have to re-frame our case. Secular Americans, we are a sleeping giant, a HUGE demographic that has yet to truly organize itself much less galvanize the general population.”

If we can convey the human impact and pervasiveness of human harm resulting from religious policy; if we help build policy based social movements; stop infighting, start innovating; achieve diversity; and show with our actions that responsibility, accountability, and virtue, are not a trade marked product to be owned and pandered by the religious right, we can truly change and reclaim our world in our lifetimes.

By taking “an entrepreneurial approach” and selflessly cross promoting, networking, and consolidating, we hopefully may, as the late horseman Christopher Hitchens so elegantly put it…
“Disassociate the idea of faith from virtue”.

Help us regain Morality. Help us regain Politics. Help us Evolve.

-Christopher Thomas-
Public Relations & Marketing
National Atheist Party


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