N★A★P Featured in The Washington Post

Washington Post

The National Atheist Party is featured in an article from the Religious News Service by Kimberly Winston. 

The article is a fair and genuine representation of the hopefulness and positive intent of the National Atheist Party members and leadership as well as the challenges that the NAP faces.

What it stands for, Boyle said, is no governmental favoring of religion—including no religion.   

“We are convened with the idea that the Founding Fathers had it right,” Boyle said in an interview. “The separation of church and state, the establishment of the U.S. as a secular nation—those two concepts are our watchwords. We don’t want government to impose a religion, and we don’t want government to impose no religion. We want government to be silent with regards to religion.”   

Read the article on the Religion News Service
Read the article in The Washington Post



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