We Have Moved

Moving Truck

We have just recently migrated our main site from www.usanap.net to www.usanap.org, as a .org domain is much more appropriate given the nature of theĀ  organization. All of the links to the old site will still work, and will automatically redirect to the correct area of the new site. No need to update all of your old posts and links, but you should note the new domain will be https://www.usanap.org from this point forward.

Also, all site content is unchanged, and unaffected. We are happy to have moved to our new home, and look forward to continuing to spread the message of freedom of and from religion for all. Put more simply freedom for all.

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support, and thanks to all those who have taken the time to donate during these tough economic times. We know every dollar counts, and we promise to make each one of them work as hard for our members as possible.


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