Woman Accused of Beating Son for Not Going to Church



WOODSTOCK, GA ? A Woodstock woman was arrested by police after being called to a home by her 17-year-old son over the weekend.

Police in Woodstock said the 17-year-old boy called Saturday morning, saying his mother was beating him with a belt and would not stop, because he wouldn’t go to church.

When they arrived at the home, Woodstock police officers said they saw multiple welts on the boy’s arm. They said he had fled to his bedroom, but that the mother, 48-year-old Lolita Smith, broke down the boy’s door and continued to hit him.

Police investigators said Smith, a speech pathologist with the Cherokee County Schools, was disorderly and belligerent toward officers, screaming profanity at them, and insisting she could discipline her children any way she wanted.

Investigators said this was the fourth time they had been called to the home on a domestic call.

Smith was charged with simple battery and criminal trespass. She bonded out on Sunday.


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