Re-Elect Susi Bocks for Administrative Vice President

Re-Elect Susi Bocks for Administrative Vice President

2012 Candidate for VP of Administration
National Atheist Party member since July 2011

Contact Information:

             [email protected]

Susi Bocks for Administrative Vice President usanap


The VP of Administration position has come a long way since its inception in March 2011. Much progress has been made since then in creating the structure of the NAP, as well as the implementation of the policies and procedures that make this an effective Party. We all started with doing a multitude of jobs, encompassing many functions and with hard work, determination and effort it has grown to having a formalized Executive Board and working Outreach committees and Administrative committees. Many functions previously handled by just a few people has led to the establishment of a legitimate organization with many people in leadership positions continuing to forge ahead to where it needs to be in order to realize the goal of becoming an official political party.

My main priority right now is to continue staffing and educating the leadership that forms that structure with proper understanding of the policies and procedures. In addition, ensuring that the Advisory Council (even though it is not fully formed) is functioning as intended, so that we may utilize their experience and their education fully in addressing issues that have a direct effect on us.

During my four year term, my focus will be as follows:

  • Continue to streamline the policies and procedures for the various departments/committees.
  • Continue to delegate responsibilities so that NAP leadership assigned may effectively guide their departments/committees. Manage those departments/committees of the Administrative Branch that it is responsible for, ensuring they are all functioning as expected.

In these next four years, I see this position effectively becoming a true leadership position, where oversight and vision will provide guidance over the created structure and help to continue to focus the Administrative branch on their tasks and responsibilities.

I also look forward in these next four years to continue to work with the people I’ve come to know. We have forged a spirit of team effort and collaboration that is supportive and uplifting. This cooperation has helped us see much success as evidenced by the growth of the NAP. I would like to remain in this position and continue to work with all those that share the same vision of a country that can finally offer hope of a different political future to the atheist community.

Why I’d like to continue for 4 More Years

I’ve been politically opinionated for as long as I can remember, always coming down on the side of that which would make the most sense. It is my passion to attack issues from a place of logic and reason; usually addressing those areas when my sense of justice spurs me to action. The members of the National Atheist Party represent a segment of the population that I’m a part of and one that I have always felt was dismissed; these factors all led me to join up with the NAP and to serve as best as I could. I would like to remain in current position as VP of Administration to continue to bring the level of effective leadership that will bring with it not only good representation, but a level of commitment to detail and organization that this position requires.

Being involved with the National Atheist Party this past year has offered me a glimpse into a future of the United States that could be much different from its recent past. As a member of the National Atheist Party and as a leader of it, I’m committed to the vision of the forefathers for a secular government. The continued steady growth and the progress that the party is experiencing in the formation stages prove that there is a desire for a party such as this in this country. The National Atheist Party, through using logic and reasoning as the foundation and guiding force on which all decisions are made, gives this nation and its citizens hope that our future can be a better one.

My fellow colleagues and I on the Executive Board want to continue to work together effectively as we have since my coming on board with the NAP. We have worked tirelessly together and watched the progression and the success of it due to those collaborative efforts. My predecessor, and one of the founders of this party, would not have selected me for this position if he did not feel that I was qualified to do the job. I’m committed, focused and, to date, have met every task with organizational skill and efficiency. Continuing to be a part of the success of the National Atheist Party would be an honor for me, as would having a hand in contributing to the changing of the current political status quo.

In addition, I’ve earned it and I think I deserve it.

Volunteering/Activism Experience

National Atheist Party

December 2011 – Present, Acting VP of Administration, pro tempore
October 2011 – December 2011, Deputy VP of Administration
September 2011 – December 2011, Advisory Council Secretary
July 2011 – October 2011, KS State Chapter Leader

Skepticon – 2012 Volunteer Director, 2011 Merchandise Volunteer, 2010 Attendee
Big Brothers/Big Sisters McPherson County, KS Board, August 2006 – August 2007
McPherson Main Street Promotions Board, September 2005 – August 2007
Canton-Galva PTO President, September 2002 – May 2008
All Schools Day Parade Button Chair, August 2005 – May 2007
Pink Pajama Party (Local Breast Cancer Advocacy), August 2005 – August 2007
Bergenfield, NJ Middle School PTO President, September 1996 – May 2001

Work Experience

Robertson Chiropractic Center, Office Manager June 2009 – February 2011
Sunflower Bank, Teller/CSR October 2006 – April 2009
Mid-America Mgmt, Property Mgr. Galva Apts. October 2006 – October 2009
Oh! Baby, Owner & Manager February 2005 – June 2006

and many other industries such as manufacturing, insurance, retail. Without exception, every company I have ever been employed by as an adult, everyone has rewarded my hard work, diligence and contributions to the company with either pay increases and/or promotions. When I commit to any endeavor, be it personal, volunteer or work, I give more than 100% to ensure the success of the position and the organization for which I’m involved with.


Mt. Pleasant High School, Wilmington, DE Graduated 1980


I was born in W. Berlin, Germany (before the wall came down) and have spent the last close to 50 years not getting any degrees from college, but living out the typical dysfunctional childhood experience. After I left home, I gained 30+ years experience in the work force doing a variety of jobs, in a variety of industries. This is where I got my well-rounded education to be an asset in doing anything. Resume supplied upon request. I’ve always voiced my opinion, usually when asked for it and frequently when not. Activism and volunteering are deeply embedded character traits of mine, not just something I choose to be involved in.

My husband and I have raised two wonderful boys in a household devoid of religion. Their mindset is very different from the people in our small rural community in Kansas. Our hope is that their future will be filled with more reason and logic than the religion filled atmosphere they grew up with outside of our home.

I become unemployed February 2011 and have used that time to rediscover my passion for writing and concentrate on those things that have most meaning for me. Deep inside me my desire has always been to have my voice heard and share that with others, through writing I’ve been able to bring make that happen. I’ve had some modest success with my writing since becoming unemployed having some pieces published by and, in addition to pieces published on my personal blog,

Living in the Bible Belt helped to push me in the direction of political activism and is primarily what started me on my journey with the National Atheist Party. It would have been foolish of me not to become involved. My desire to be an activist in the political arena coupled with my own personal political convictions that lined up well with its charter made too much sense. I came on board as Kansas State Chapter Leader as soon as I saw the National Atheist Party was looking for representatives for each state. Shortly thereafter, I applied for and got the position of Advisory Council Secretary. Within a month I was promoted to Deputy VP of Administration due to my dedication to the tasks and the organizational skills and efficiency I brought to them. Two months thereafter, Mark Smith, one of the original founders of the Party, had to step down due to health reasons, but he full supported my taking on the duties and responsibilities of the VP of Administration. With the support and the confidence of the Executive Board, I came on board as the Acting VP.

It is very important to me that we govern ourselves in a fashion that reflects reason and rationale; this party does that. I’m proud to be associated with the NAP in helping to further the goals of creating a political party that will serve all those who not only believe in a separation of church and state, as well as one that reaffirms that atheists should have a voice in this country that for too long has demanded their silence.