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Catey Condon

Pr/Marketing - Graphics/Indiana Leadership

State Leadership ยท Public Relations and Marketing Committee

I am a full time college student studying Computer Science with a concentration in Computer Graphics. I enjoy the ability to both write code and make computer graphics for programs and such. I was born in Northern Indiana and spent much of my time growing up either on the beach in Michigan City or in Chicago. I now live in Southern Indiana for college. I was raised Catholic and have been through all seven sacraments even though I now call myself an atheist I had a strong religous up bringing and a fairly religious family. I like to spend my time reading and writing (both code and essays), and though I am not studying it in school I am very interested in Political Science and Sociology. I decided to join the NAP and do whatever I can to further their cause because I not only feel I have skills to lend but I am also passionate about the issues that they take stands on. I feel that our government and government funded institutions should be free of religion. I myself and am atheist but I would never deny anyone the right to practice religion in their own home. I hope to do whatever I can to help further the National Atheist Party. I am currently working on the PR and Marketing committee