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David Hamilton

Texas State Chapter Leader, Theology Committee Member

State Leadership ยท Theology Committee

I'm from a small city in Indiana which, I've since learned, gained a world-wide reputation as "Death Town, USA" because of the execution of Timothy McVeigh. Growing up, my parents were what I can only describe as "devout religious moderates". They were very, very Christian, but to them that just meant that they should be loving, read the bible a lot, feel constantly guilty about a human sacrifice they didn't ask for, and thank god for - quite literally - everything. The former has had a massive impact on me. In high-school and college, I began to question and eventually accepted that I no longer believed the religion of my parents. Oddly enough, that increased my interest in studying (and debating) religion and philosophy (an interest I exercise with the NAP theology committee). It also helped me realize how incredibly amazing this, natural, world really is. Thus far, in a somewhat erratic academic and professional career, I've gained a fair bit of experience in PR/Marketing, business management, and food service with a somewhat over-represented focus in customer service and sales. I joined the NAP in late November 2011. I'm glad to be getting in on the ground floor; it's exciting to see where the party is heading and even more exciting to watch it grow. We have a lot of potential; I'm happy that I have the opportunity to do my part in helping us reach it.