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Bernie Kellish

VP of PR/Marketing

Executive Board · Convention and Fundraising Committee

My name is Bernard Frazier (Flash) Kellish born 4/19/63 in Miami, FL. I am married to singer/songwriter/musician Shannon Denbow, have 3 boys, and live in Bangor, Maine. At present I am a self-employed entertainer/promoter. My wife works at our local homeless shelter and I homeschool our children. A graduate of the Reserve Police Academy in Chula Vista, CA. and an award winning choreographer from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, I have 2 years of college at Southwestern College in San Diego and was majoring in Theatre and minoring in Astronomy with a 3.65 GPA before leaving college to pursue a career in entertainment. Among many things, I am a stuntman/tumbler and have worked at such places as Sea World San Diego and for their Street Tour, Bonnie Springs Ranch Wild West Show Las Vegas, The MGM Grand Dueling Pirates Stunt Spectacular Las Vegas, and as the lead in a stuntshow at the Taiwan Folk Village in Taiwan. Several other jobs I have done also include being a model, comedian, actor, mime, security officer, salesman, handyman, dj, and teacher. I have been an extra in numerous TV shows and major motion pictures, and have met and worked with many ‘stars’ including Sylvester Stalone, Mickey Rourke, Jamie Fox, and Jeff Goldblum. Besides Florida, California, Nevada, Maine, and Taiwan, I have also lived in Virginia, Texas, Alaska, and the Philippines and toured the U.S. 3 times, 2 tours of Canada, have performed at several 4 star venues in Mexico and been to Japan several times. I also was a DJ for community radio station WERU FM here in Maine where I volunteered and had my own radio show called “Sessions” for 5 years as well as spending some time as a volunteer at the Maine Discovery Museum. The areas of interest that pertain to the position of Treasurer, are that I worked several years for Bartell Hotels in San Diego. I started as a bellman and quickly moved to desk clerk where customer service, public relations, and money handling are essential. Within a year I was transfered to another hotel in the chain where I began training as a night auditor on my quest for management. After a year I became Asst. Manager for Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn in San Diego where I also assisted as relief night auditor and remained for 2 years until I left because I could not commit to both the hotel & my entertainment career. One of my duties was greeting and taking care of the needs of the entertainers that performed at their “Concerts by the Bay” series such Joan Baez, Tony Bennett, & George Carlin. I was also manager of a club called “Insomnia” in Las Vegas for a couple years and have worked in sales and security. The son of a Master Chief Electronics Technician in the Navy, I was raised Christian and attended church and Sunday school for several years in the ghetto of Oakland, Calif. Our church "Mt. Calvery Baptist" consisted mainly of African-Americans and I believe my first doubts about Christianity began about 6 when I would see ordinarily ‘sane’ people get the “Holy Ghost” in them. My Grandmother bought me my first bible with my name inscribed in gold and I was even baptised, but my parents were as ‘hippie’ as a military family could be and did not force religion upon me. As a result of asking questions that the church could not provide sufficient answers to…it was at the age of 8 that I became a non-theist. At first I thought I was ‘weird’ and that many would shun me if I ‘came out’, so I kept my beliefs mainly to myself for about 30 years only getting into the occasional debate with friends. It was not until the age of the “WWW” that I began to study religions in depth and read the Bible & Quran cover to cover. I have acquired numerous books on other religions, and research them often online and by conversations with practitioners. (2 good friends of mine are pastors!) I LOVE to read and learn about ALL things, and I consider myself a “free thinker”. Needless to say I am BIG fan of science, philosophy, and technology when used properly for the benefit of mankind, and these have become my hobbies. I have also studied politics but lost interest for whatever reason when Obama took office. I began directing my efforts more towards the dangers of organized religion and trying to engage theists about their beliefs and reasons for them. I am the creator/admin of the FB group “Free Thinkers Anonymous” where we encourage people of all faiths and beliefs that consider themselves Free Thinkers to join in an open forum to have discussions in peace. I frown on personal attacks and favor love, logic, reason, evidence, understanding, education, communication, entertainment, music, the arts, and laughter. Which brings me to the NAP. I am excited to be accepted as your 1st Treasurer and look forward to assisting in making positive, productive change. Namaste