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Susi Bocks

Executive Assistant to the President


I was born in W. Berlin, Germany (before the wall came down) and have spent the last close to 50 years not getting any degrees from college, but living out the typical dysfunctional childhood experience. After I left home, I gained 30+ years experience in the work force doing a variety of jobs, in a variety of industries. This is where I got my well-rounded education to be an asset in doing anything. Resume supplied upon request. I've always voiced my opinion, usually when asked for it and frequently when not. Activism and volunteering are deeply embedded character traits of mine, not just something I choose to be involved in. I become unemployed February 2011 and have used that time to rediscover my passion for writing and concentrate on those things that have most meaning for me. I've had some modest success with my writing since becoming unemployed. Some pieces have been published in and, in addition to what I publish on my own personal blog, Electing to not believe in fairy tales and determining fact from fiction on a consistent basis, that is something for which I'm most proud. This, along with my desire to be an activist in the political arena, is what started me on my journey with the National Atheist Party. It is very important to me that we govern ourselves in a fashion that reflects reason and rationale; this party does that. I'm proud to be associated with the NAP and further the goals of creating a political party that will serve all those who not only believe in a separation of church and state, but reaffirms that atheists should have a voice in this country that for too long has demanded their silence.