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I am a Corporate Legal Representative for Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance – a U.S. subsidiary of the largest bank of Japan. I work with a team of all-Japanese finance professionals in Northern Kentucky. I’m responsible for a wide array of legal knowledge in commercial transactions in the 38 states in which we do business. My job involves extensive knowledge of Contracts, UCC RA9, International, State and Commercial Tax Law.

I am currently in school at Concord Law School, in my second (2L) year. I will have received my Juris Doctor in 2014. I have an AA in Commercial Art from Gateway College, an AA in Liberal Studies with a Certificate in Paralegal Studies from American Military University and a BA in Law from American Military University.

I am also a professional comic book artist. I have worked for Magnetic Ink, Caliber Comics, Image Comics, Desperado, Transfuzion, JGM Comics, Dimestore Comics and Main Enterprises. I have abandoned sequential panel-to-panel work in the last couple of years and concentrate my output on pin-ups and cover art only.

My political experience is varied. In High School, I was a Boys’ State delegate and a KY Governor’s Scholar. Between getting my first and second degrees, I worked for Greenpeace International as the regional manager of the Cincinnati office. I have coordinated the activities of up sixty (60) canvassers and activists on environmental issues and was the primary liaison to Washington D.C. for the Global Climate Change campaign.

I am a lifelong Atheist, and have never been “closeted.”


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