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James Wilson

Veteran's Committee Chair/Anthropology Committee Member

Anthropology and Sociology Committee · Veterans Committee

I was reared in a Christian home, but began to live and follow the religion on my own as an adult. One day while having a debate with my girl friend, she pointed out a scripture about angels coming to earth having sex with humans. I then reread the bible to see what else I could have missed. When I actually thought about what I was reading, I realized that it didn't make any sense. After that, nothing I read in the bible made sense anymore. The bible had all of a sudden fallen apart. However, for me, it still took Jesus longer to leave and god even longer. When I was full of questions and disbelief, no one in the church knew I was falling into disbelief. There was no "discernment" of my change in beliefs. It took several months for me to break all the holds of the religion, but I was able to break free with the help of YouTube, such books by my late hero Christopher Hitchens as “God is not Great” and the TV show/podcast 'The Atheist Experience'. I started to think of myself as an atheist in the Spring of 2009 and then began to come out to my friends and family members that Fall. I have wanted to speak out for the things I stood for quite some time, but I just did not know when the time would have been right. I see today as my chance to speak to the world about how I am a moral person who understands that ideals such as peace and equality will come through human efforts. And the greatest part of it all is now I have like minded people to back me up.