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Mark Nichols

Foreign Relations Advisor

Advisory Council · Foreign Relations Committee

I currently live in Springfield, MO where I have resided for several years. I grew up in the Dallas, Texas area, and returned to live there for a time before moving to Maui. Today, I am a graduate student at Missouri State University pursuing my Masters of Arts in Global Studies/International Relations, while my cognate field is Political Theory. I received a B.A. in Political Science with a focus in Public Administration. Currently I serve as a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Student Financial Aid at Missouri State University. Additionally I participate with the Missouri State University Chapter of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and, in the Spring 2012, a new on campus affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance. Outside of academia I serve as board member and officer with the Springfield Freethinkers, a non-profit organization committed to serving the non-theistic community in the greater Springfield Region. From this group we have spawned two sister organizations in Joplin, as well as Branson, Missouri. This year, with the help of the Coalition of Reason we have continued to grow as both social and educational organizations providing outlets for non-believers. It has been a period of incredible growth and community building. The courage and dedication I see in the faces of each new member brings a great joy that changes are coming. That’s why, I think the next step is here. Throughout the skeptic, atheist, and other secular communities there is a sense that political opportunity is upon us. I think that is true, and is the reason I am here. Together we can carve out a place in the political arena where dogma and institutionalism is not the only way. With your help we will be on that road to changing our politics for the better, for all Americans.